Surgery Complications

Have you experienced complications from what you otherwise understood would be a routine surgery? If you feel that you were not informed as to the ramifications of a surgery that has been performed on you, you may be entitled to compensation.

Surgery complications can result in significant Personal Injury and permanent, life altering repercussions. Talk to our experienced team today, and we can advise whether what you have experienced may be grounds for a Medical Negligence Claim.


If you have been told by a Medical Professional that you have a certain illness or disease, and have either taken steps to combat this illness to your detriment or have, as a result, missed an accurate diagnosis, contact Kieran O’Brien & Associates Solicitors. Being misdiagnosed can also result in emotional and psychological harm, if your misdiagnosis has resulted in a development or compounding of anxiety or depression, we can help.

Our firm has a network of Specialist Consultants and Mental Health Specialist to assist in your recovery, and provide us with information to support your claim. Misdiagnoses can lead to significant delays to your treatment, which can then in turn cause heavily exacerbate your illness. If this is the case, you have been caused harm through the Negligence of a Medical Professional. If you feel that your treatment has been delayed as a result of a misdiagnosis, contact us today.

Accident & Emergency

Accident and Emergency Departments are notoriously crowded and busy. As a result, it is not uncommon for Doctors and Nurses to make mistakes in high pressure, high stakes situations. Although the Medical Professionals in these circumstances often do great work, when mistakes occur, it is the Patient that has to live with the consequences.

We work with Medical Professionals all across Europe to provide you with the best opportunity to be compensated for the injuries you have sustained due to the Negligence or Oversight of a Medical Professional.

Contact Kieran O’Brien & Associates Solicitors, and we will guide you through the process. We pride ourselves on making the process simple for our clients. If you have a question, give the office a call, we will explain the process to you, and ensure you understand what is going on in your case.

Pregnancy Mismanagement / Birth Injuries

Giving Birth is one of the most stressful times in a woman’s life. This is the case when everything goes to plan. If you feel you have been mistreated during your pregnancy, or if your child has suffered an injury at the hands of a Negligent Medical Professional, you may be entitled to be compensated. If the birth of your child has been especially painful or if it has resulted in permanent damage, contact us today, we will obtain your records, and get the opinion from our network of independent Obstetricians and Gynecologists from Europe.

We understand that pregnancy is a vulnerable time for all involved, and the suffering of an injury can greatly exacerbate prenatal anxiety and postpartum depression. An admission of liability can go a long way in this regard.  We can guide you through the process, and you will have someone on your side to assist and get you the compensation and recognition of liability you deserve.

Cosmetic Surgery

If you’ve been subject to a failed Cosmetic Surgery, or if you are not satisfied with the results of a procedure, give us a call. Cosmetic Surgery mistakes can leave life long physical and mental scars that are often are either not fully correctable or in cases where they are, will be of considerable expense.

Kieran O’Brien & Associates Solicitors will work to ensure your dignity is respected throughout, that those who have caused your harm will be held accountable, and that you will be provided with the compensation due to you in order to facilitate corrections and put what is often a traumatic experience, behind you.