Making a Will

What to do with your property on your death is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. A Will ensures that your Property, Money and other assets are dealt with however you like after your death, for example whether that be a safe transfer of Assets to your loved ones, ensuring that your Business lives on beyond your death, or even if you want to provide money to your favourite charity, you can call into our Office and we will be able to draft your Will, appoint an Executor and satisfy all the Legal Criteria, under the Succession Act 1965 are followed to the level required, ensuring throughout that your wishes are followed, and your loved ones are looked after.  

Contesting a Will

Do you feel you have been disinherited? Have you been neglected from a Will, where you were given some assurance that you were to benefit? Have you dedicated your personal time and money in providing care to a loved one, only for you to be neglected in their last will and testament?

Why not call into our Office? We will sift through your history with you and let you know if you may be able to contest a Will in your favour, whether that be by bringing a Caveat to stop the Will or by bringing a claim of Proprietary Estoppel.

If you are a child who feels that you have been neglected by a parent in their will, contact Kieran O’Brien & Associates. We may be able to bring an application under s.117 of the Succession Act 1965, and appeal the Will of a parent that has failed in their moral duty to look after you following their death.

Executor Assistance

Have you been appointed Executor of a Will, but are unsure of the Legal Requirements that are necessary to carry out the role of Executor? Kieran O’Brien & Associates can provide assistance to you in this matter, we can carry out the necessary paperwork and advise you along the way in order to help you complete the important and often complicated work required of an Executor.

Intestate Estate Administration

Has a loved one or somebody you know recently passed away without making a Will? Are you now stuck in the position of having to administer an estate with no guidance from the Deceased person?

It is vital when one is in this position to seek legal advice, as if an estate is not administered correctly, as the person dealing with the assets, you may be held liable. Kieran O’Brien & Associates Solicitors are here to assist you.

We will go through all of the assets of the deceased’s estate and administer the assets along the lines stipulated in the 1965 Succession Act.

Our experienced team can deal with all elements of the process, leaving you to concern yourself with the things that matter at a difficult time.

Other Probate Matters

Kieran O’Brien & Associates Solicitors has decades of experience in handling all aspects of the Probate process. If you have any questions or issues arising from any area of Wills, Estate Administration or Property Transfers after Death, contact a member of our Team. We are here to help. We understand that is is a traumatic and sensitive time for you and your family, getting the assistance of an experienced Probate Solicitor can remove you from the Administrative process, leaving you and your family time to focus on what really matters.